The math of a team moving in the same direction wouldn’t pass your first graders math test. 

But it holds up in the classroom of leadership.

Team work. 

The word inspires gross mental images of cheesy stock photos.

Bad power point presentations.  

Useless leadership retreats.

Fluorescent lit, ceiling tile filled, lifeless offices in industrial parks. 

Just because it’s cheesy doesn’t make it a lie.

Team unity is one of the most important factors to help you build a healthy church culture. 

Have you ever had those meetings where you feel like you have a great direction only to have that one person “play devil’s advocate” on an idea? 

It destroys momentum and progress.

A quick assessment question you can ask to gauge your team unity.

Would every member of our team passionately defend our vision in a conversation with someone who is skeptical?

Or would they fold. Stay quiet. Shake their head in agreement of the skepticism.

If you answered no, then you still have work to do in building team unity. 

That begins with trust and safety. 

Your team will have full buy in until they have the space to be 100% vulnerable with you as a leader. 

People buy in to leaders who are poured out for their people. 

You have to first open up your life. Your wounds. Your struggles and flaws. 

So many leaders are afraid that if their team saw that they weren’t Superman/Superwoman, then they’d lose respect for them.


 They’d start to believe you were human. They’d relate. Then they’d begin to trust. Then they’d begin to work as a team. 

Teams often fail because the leadership would rather stay at arms length than open their lives to their team. 

For the sake of your team and the vision God has given you for your church. Pour yourself out to create a team that moves as one.