Our Experience Building Leaders, Organizations & Spaces

At the 127 Group we show up to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem most organizations face. How do we build this? Businesses, non-profits, churches, and teams all struggle to build their leaders, their organizations, and their spaces. We desire to work with people whose mission is to build something bigger than themselves.

The 127 group was launched in 2015 as a place where churches could work with a single organization that can do it all for them. From coaching to consulting to building spaces. 

Over the past several years we’ve begun to attract interest from organizations outside the church world too. Today we’re proud to work with businesses, athletic teams, non-profits, and (mostly) churches.

We’ve led organizations as large as 10,000 and as small as 30. Handled projects as big as $63 million and as small as $100. Our parent company Krueger/KGS has completed nearly $1.5 Billion in work since 1962.

As leaders, we know what it is like to have money. We know what it is like to not. We know what it means to be viewed as successful. We know what it means to be viewed as not.

Whatever size you are. Whatever stage you’re in. Whatever problem you’re trying to solve.

Whatever it is you’re building. We want to help.

Our Leadership Team

Kevin Krueger

portrait of Kevin Krueger

Specializations: Construction, design, finance

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 361-573–5291
Residence: New Braunfels, Texas

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Brian Brown

Specializations: Leadership development, leader health, team engagement, athletic performance

Email: [email protected]
Cell: 850-228-9873
Residence: Victoria, Texas

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John Atkinson

Specializations: Staff leadership, multi-sites, small groups, administration, programming

Email: [email protected]
Cell: 361-649-7878
Residence: Austin, Texas

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Jason Hamlin

Specializations: Leadership, International organization structure and issues, Non-Profit structure and organization

Email: [email protected]
Cell: 361-220-2569
Residence: McAllen, Texas

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Chris Carrillo

Specializations: Construction, Design

Email: [email protected]
Residence: New Braunfels, Texas

Andy Martin

Specializations: Staff leadership, Multi-sites, Worship Programming, Administration, Expansion, Auditorium Design, Organizational Structure

Email: [email protected]
Residence: Lancaster, Pennsylvania


Kevin Krueger

Kevin Krueger is the President of Krueger Construction, a 53-year-old construction company that along with subsidiary KGS Electric has completed almost $1.5 billion worth of projects.

To say that Kevin loves to build is an understatement. His main goal is to build the Kingdom of God. He started a consulting arm called the 127 Group to do just that.

The 127 Group looks to join God in building leaders to lead well through time-honored leadership principles by building people and organizations that improve the social fabric of a community. He also started a non-profit, taking on the name Stērizō, which seeks to provide resources to God honoring organizations to help them reach a greater level of strength and sustainability.

Kevin enjoys ranching and whitetail deer breeding while being an active public servant. He serves 20 different non-profit organizations as a volunteer, board member or steward. A key role is serving as Facilities Chairman and Commissioner for the Victoria County Navigation District, which is in charge of operating the Port of Victoria – one of the largest inland Ports in the world.

Kevin is happily married to Amy and together they have 4 wonderful children Connally, Katie, Will and Madelyn. He holds an MBA from Texas A&M University and is an active Former Student.

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Brian Brown

As a team leader for The 127 Group, Brian Brown “strengthens communities and organizations by building and rebuilding leaders”. Having trained leaders around the world he has a passion to see leaders lead with integrity, humility and generosity. He has been consulting, teaching, training and practicing leadership for over 25 years and consults regularly with executives from a variety of fields to help enable them to become the kind of leaders that change lives. His clients have included Fortune 500 companies, to start-ups; from CEO’s who’ve appeared on the cover of Fortune Magazine to sole proprietorships; from world-class athletes to the local high school programs. He is often sought after to be a guest lecturer in universities classes and seminaries, but enjoys having a one-on-one conversation with young leaders just as well. He specializes in how behavior affects performance and building a leader’s character to handle their giftedness.

Brian has been married to Tami for 27 years and has two sons, Collin (25) and Drew (17).

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John Atkinson

John Atkinson spent the last 14 years in all areas of church leadership ranging from being a board member to leading as an Executive Pastor. John began leading in the church in 2001 as a board member, and went on staff full time in 2002 taking over a small group ministry of 8 groups and growing it to over 220 groups over the next three years. In 2004 John stepped into the role of Director of Multi Site, and over the next eight years launched and managed 9 Multi Site Campuses. As an Executive level Pastor John oversaw as many as 9 ministries and was involved in all aspects of leadership of a church that grew from 300 attendance to over 8000 meeting in 10 campuses all over South Texas. During his time in ministry John has consulted with churches throughout the country helping them create systems to help them grow, stay healthy, and launch multiple campuses. John’s primary passions lie in developing leaders and pouring his heart into pastors.

John is married to April and has three sons, a ten year old, and twin 23 year olds, one of which is also a pastor.

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Jason Hamlin

Jason has spent the last 9 years leading and developing international non-profits, three and a half of those years living abroad in Brazil. He has traveled and taught church leadership around the world in Africa, Israel, Brazil and all over central and South America.  He has helped start over 30 new churches, hospitals, and orphanages in North America, Africa, Brazil, Israel, Peru and Mexico.  Jason co-founded Caragua Baptist Seminary which is located in Caraguatatuba, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Jason also co-founded Grasp International Inc. which developed an international seminary.  That Seminary has taught in numerous countries to include South America and Africa.  Having trained leaders around the world, he has a passion to see leaders lead with integrity, humility and generosity.  Jason has been coaching, teaching, training and practicing leadership for over 14 years.  He is currently the Director of Development of Stērizō INC., which seeks to provide resources to God-honoring organizations to help them reach a greater level of strength and sustainability.

Jason has been married to Stacy for over 17 years and has three children, Chase (10), Hunter (9), and Reese (6).

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Chris Carrillo

Chris is the Vice President of Krueger Construction for Central Texas.

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Our Values

Because values shape the culture and function of every organization, we value…

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We value the use of best practices, proven methods and latest technology. Every encounter will be given the utmost attention to detail and effectiveness.

Icon depicting a pyramid with an arrow pointing upwards


We serve to build leaders who will build others. Success will be measured by the volume and variety of leaders we develop.

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We will become the trusted friends of all our clients… speaking truth… working in transparency… caring deeply for all we serve.

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We do not exist for ourselves but to influence leaders throughout every organization we encounter or have the opportunity to encounter through open handed sharing and coaching.

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The Greater Good

We serve based on a higher calling of developing leaders who serve to bring change in the broken places of the world. Humanitarian engagement.

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We will have open minds to the creative solutions that will build effective leaders.

Psalms 127:1

Unless the LORD builds a house, the work of the builders is wasted.

Building Lives That Last Forever

Sterizo | Building Strong Leaders

On a parallel path, there’s another critical component to The 127 Group.  It’s known as Sterizo—the Greek word for “strength”—and is another Christ-centered group that works directly with pastors and churches to help sustain and grow them.  Sterizo is the separate, non-profit arm of The 127 Group that accepts donations that fund either Sterizo or The 127 Group’s initiatives for churches or other non-profits that need the services, but may not have the budget to afford them.

So with The 127 Group, the spectrum of leadership from large businesses to small churches can receive the Kingdom-minded direction and support they need to lead in today’s world, regardless of the obstacles. At the same time, as these businesses and churches expand, The 127 Group has construction capabilities to develop and build any new structure, complex or campus.

The 127 Group is a growth company. So building leaders, organizations and new structures is literally building the future for a better tomorrow.

Said another way, “We Love To Build.”

Learn More About Sterizo