Character, Competency, Chemistry

With executive leaders, The 127 Group works primarily on character, competency and team chemistry in a coaching relationship.

Within each subset is another set of values that will be underscored by respect, integrity, humility and generosity.  In fact, if those traits were colors, somewhere in the blending of one into another would emerge compassion and the sincere offer to help.

The 127 Group coaches, mentors, and strengthens leaders by initially focusing on the premise that our beliefs drive our behavior and shape character.

Leadership coaching is usually a longer-term arrangement that may last several months to a year or longer, if necessary.

We Love To Build Leaders


We were brought in just before their 15th anniversary as a company to lay a solid foundation for the next 15 years and to ensure that their priority statement wasn’t just a slogan. It is who they are, it’s what they believe and it is what they live out.

Klean Corp International

Athletic Teams

Coach Dwayne Hultquist has a passion to see his players succeed not only on the court but also in life. We were initially brought on to help players learn “not to let the game use them, but to use the game to prepare them for life.”

Florida State University Men's Tennis

Non-Profit Organizations

The director of the center, Ryan Sprague, was searching for Christ-centered guidance, counsel and consulting to young pregnant women and men looking for spiritual guidance and resources.

Pregnancy Help and Information Center