Magic is all about tricking people into believing something otherworldly has happened.


A severed head has been instantly reattached.


A man has escaped from an impossible set of locks.


The card you picked has floated to the top of the deck with no explanation. Seemingly miraculous and certainly impressive.


It inspires awe of the magician for their incredible talents.


You are called to be a minister not a magician.


In ministry the severed head gets reattached only about 1 in every 100 tries.


The man in chains has to call for help at 3AM because he can’t get the chains off himself and his wife is threatening divorce if he doesn’t get them off.


The card seems to get lost in the deck and committees are formed to find the lost card.


People aren’t supposed to be in awe of their pastor. They’re supposed to be in awe of their savior.


Ministry is about shepherding people through the mud and manure of real life where change happens slowly.


Disciples are hand crafted not mass produced.


It’s easy to see the rare and exceptional cases where miracles happen and mistake them for reproducible magic.


Miracles by their definition buck the trend. They are NOT what normally happens.


If you’re constantly relying on a miracle from God then you’re trying to become a magician.


Miracles can’t be enticed or schemed up. They happen only when God desires to move.


So the question is this.


Are you leading your church like a magician or like a minister of the Gospel?