One of the most overlooked factors in shifting or creating the culture of an organization is the role of momentum.

This one word can set a trajectory towards health and growth.

Or momentum can put you on a path towards negativity, cultural apathy and toxic relationships.

A rudder is tiny but it can move an entire ship.

Momentum always begins with motivation.

It’s that one meeting that seems to energize everyone. It’s that one Sunday morning that feels electric. It’s that one successful event that seems like it could catapult you to what’s next.

Momentum starts with something that motivates us.

When you start to feel that tug of motivation in your team, know that you are on the cusp of building momentum.

To get the ball rolling do you have to keep taking action as a leader.

Begin selling the vision even harder and pushing out deeper from your personal comfort zones.

Push to the point where it’s uncomfortable for you. The point where you’re terrified and feel like an imposter.

Here’s a sign that your organization is gaining momentum. It’s when you feel like things are too big for you to manage but you sleep easy, knowing God’s got this.

It feels a lot like faith. A lot like Jesus taking a nap in the middle of a raging storm.


But  here’s a little secret about momentum in your organization. It’s incredibly fragile.

Blink too heavy and it could fade away. Momentum is like seed thrown onto the ground in spring.

It has to have just the right amount of water and sunlight and (let’s be honest) luck for nothing to come along and eat it or carry it away in the wind.

If you feel momentum as a leader rush towards it. Do whatever it takes to nurture it.

Because if you don’t. If instead you go back to what you’ve always done then the ghost of lost momentum will haunt you for years.

If those moments of motivation that lead to momentum happen and you don’t give follow up to them. If you don’t find a strategy to push to the next level. If you don’t inspire your team to keep chasing hard after the vision.

That motivation and momentum will be gone in the blink of an eye.

So be wise when you feel the tug of motivation and momentum begin to kick in.

In another post tomorrow we’ll discuss 6 Practical Ways To Help Create Momentum in Your Church.