It’s at this stage the testing and challenges begin.


With the journey of leadership fully underway you now find yourself  fully outside of your comfort zone!

Welcome to the world of test and challenges. Some will be physical. Others will be with people!

For the journey to continue you’ll have to overcome each challenge on the journey towards the destination.


You will also need to find out who can be trusted and who can’t.

This is the stage where everything gets tested. Every obstacle you face helps you gain a deeper insight into your character.

This is a sobering stage! It’s a time when ego starts to die little by little.

Everyone wants a daring adventure until you are dared.

I’m sure there are thoughts of challenges you’ve already faced, times when you’ve been tested, people you’ve lost trust in, but have any of those been this:

“At a lodging place on the way, the Lord met Moses and was about to kill him.”


Think about Moses, he has already stood before God’s anger. He’s acknowledged his own insecurities and ventured out. He’s faced his father-in-law and told him I must go. He steps out to pursue what God asked of him.

About this time you and I would probably go, “I should get a trophy (or at least a participation ribbon) from God.”

I’m thinking of all the songs I’ve sung that had some form of “God meet with me” or “meet me here”.  

There is a modern Christian song, you’ve probably sung it, the lyrics go,

“I want to see Your glory like Moses did

Flashes of light, rolls of thunder

I’m not afraid

I’m not afraid

Show me Your glory,”


How arrogant can we be to sing that song?

You’re not afraid?

Why don’t we write songs about this time in Moses’ life?

Oh yeah, The Lord definitely met with Moses!


The Lord met Moses and was about to kill him.


What obstacle are you facing that is greater than God wanting to kill you right now?

If you have been drunk on the euphoria of the “great adventure” that verse should sober the mess out of you right now!

Every obstacle you face helps you gain a deeper insight into your character.

There are some things that you need to deal with now, or your leadership will go completely sideways.

God was about to kill Moses. Why?

The apostle Paul tells us that “The wages of sin is death.”


Some sin needed to be dealt with, cut off, or cut out for Moses’ journey to continue.

It appears that God was going to kill Moses because Moses was supposed to teach the Israelites God’s Law, yet he was not obeying it himself.


But Zipporah took a flint knife, cut off her son’s foreskin”

Moses had neglected to administer the act that symbolized the Almighty’s covenant with His chosen people.

9 Then God said to Abraham, “As for you, you must keep my covenant, you and your descendants after you for the generations to come. 10 This is my covenant with you and your descendants after you, the covenant you are to keep: Every male among you shall be circumcised…My covenant in your flesh is to be an everlasting covenant. 14 Any uncircumcised male, who has not been circumcised in the flesh, will be cut off from his people; he has broken my covenant.” Gen 17:9-10, 13-14

Moses’ personal life had to be in order before he could direct the spiritual lives of those he was called to lead.

Moses’ disobedience made him unfit to serve as a spiritual leader, and the situation had to be rectified before the journey continued.

“25 But Zipporah took a flint knife, cut off her son’s foreskin and touched Moses’ feet with it.”

There are somethings that need to be dealt with along the journey…you deal with them or someone else will, but I guarantee you it will land back at your feet!

This is massively important.


If it wasn’t important Moses would not have included it in scripture. Moses is writing about himself here.

No leader wants this kind of stuff to become public, let alone become a part of Scripture.

The great leader was saved by his wife’s insight and decisive measures.

“Surely you are a bridegroom of blood to me,” she said. 26 So the Lord let him alone.”

Her rebuke was well-deserved, and Moses was man enough to record it.

Would you have the integrity to be so honest?

Here is my main take away from this.

God told Moses that it’s not other men he has to worry about.

19 Now the Lord had said to Moses in Midian, “Go back to Egypt, for all those who wanted to kill you are dead.”

Moses faces a much greater danger to his life. That danger is the wrath of the God whom he has been so reluctant to serve.

God’s proclamation to Moses and to all of us is this.  If you refuse to Fear Me then you will have to fear men!